Knowledge Management is a process, a culture and an organization dynamic that aligns and measures the use of knowledge toward the objectives and corporate goals, transforming the companies into learning organizations achieving the capture, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and turn it into an asset, while fostering learning organization.

This is accomplished by creating a new work environment in the company, characterized by a pattern of cooperation and the ongoing development of corporate memory.

Thus, people apply their knowledge and experiences as a synergistic team able to innovate and transform their processes to the changing environment. Some of the products we offer to our customers we have:

Virtual Networks: Implementation of electronic communication mechanisms that connect groups of individuals that share common interests.

Knowledge Communities: A grouping of individuals who exchange face and virtually in order to share and increase their knowledge and experiences on a particular subject area or topic. Knowledge communities are a vehicle for today’s organizations to accelerate organizational learning and to break the barriers to access knowledge.

Learning Before, During and After: Implicit knowledge, not digitally codifiable, can be exchanged giving structure to the unstructured human interaction.

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